Web sites development, Kyiv

Websites based on Wordpress CMS:

E-commerce solutions based on Magento:

  • http://www.i-cases.com.ua/ — Internet shop with accessories for iPhone, iPad and other products including Apple products and not only.

Internet shop based on Webasyst Framework:

  • http://www.ad-parts.kiev.ua/ — Wide range of tasks to make work internet e-commerce solution for «Avtodom» vehicle repairing station including automatic website products data import from accounting system 1C into website database.

Web sites created using Drupal:

Web site based on Joomla! CMS:

Based on CMS Webmanager-pro.com:

Note: I do not have any responsibilities for clients websites content. I'm taking technical part including development and web servers configuration for web sites based on wide range of CMS including: Wordpress, Magento, Drupal, Webmanager-pro, etc.